Catholic Chant
Keeping the Faith through Music
O Panis Dulcissime

Latin English
1. O panis dulcissime,
O fidelis animae
Vitalis refectio!

2. O Paschalis victimae,
Agne mansuetissime,
Legalis oblatio!

3. Jesu dilectissime,
Quae sub panis specie
Velaris divinitus!

4. Victu multifarie
Recrea nos gratiae
Septiformis Spiritus!

5. Sumentem, cum sumeris,
Quia non consumeris,
Aeterne vivificas.

6. Nam reatum sceleris
Dono tanti muneris
Clementer purificas.

7. In te nos ut unias,
Et virtute munias,
Da te digne sumere.

8. Ut carnales furias
Propellens, nos facias
Tecum pie vivere.

9. Sic refecti poculis
Sanguinis, et epulis
Tuae carnis optimis.

10. Saeculorum saeculis,
Epulemur sedulis
Invitati azymis. Amen.

1. O sweetest bread,
O repast of the faithful
And living soul!

2. O Paschal victim,
Lamb most gentle,
Lawful sacrifice.

3. Most desirable Jesus,
Who under the form of bread
Is the Godhead veiled.

4. By this food, in every way
Renew us by the grace
Of the sevenfold Spirit.

5. To him who receives thee,
Without being consumed
Thou givest life eternal.

6. Those accused of defilement,
By so great a gift,
Thou mercifully dost cleanse.

7. That thou mayest unite us in thee,
And bestow upon us virtue,
Grant we may receive thee worthily.

8. Driving away fleshly furies,
Make us live with thee
In holiness.

9. Thus comforted by this repast,
Thy blood and the feast
Of thy perfect flesh.

10. Unto ages of ages,
May we feast, seated with thee
At the bidding of the Paschal lamb.